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Think ‘NICHE’ for better marketing results!

With the events industry starting to show signs of emergence, now is the ideal time to think about how you target your services. We explore how to niche your business to gain high quality and cost effective enquiries.


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As we head to the new normal of corporate events, its vital that we deliver our important message to our ideal audience, but how do we make sure we are reaching the right people without wasting effort and money?

The key is ‘Niching’ as much and as far as you can whilst choosing proactive media to be seen on.

Consider these 3 important factors when niching your product or service to your ideal audience.


Some 80% of your business is likely to come from around a 25-mile radius of your business location.

It can be so tempting to say that you cover the whole of the UK, but before you do, consider this - can you realistically be as cost effective as another supplier who is closer to the requested location? Is it cost effective for you to spend more time travelling, providing accommodation and meals for your team for a job that is miles away from your base?

This rule can also apply to conference and venue finding agencies who search on a national or even global scale – people who would be interested in using your services would likely be nearby so that you could attend meetings and briefings or to visit your premises (which will give them a great reflection of your company brand and standards).

It is advised that when targeting your audience by location, narrow the search area to 20 – 30 miles from your base. This keeps your offering credible too. For example, someone searching for an audio-visual company in Manchester will not see you as a credible option if you appear in their search request yet are based in Bristol. They will know that it cannot be as cost effective if you both have the same product and services to offer.

Products & Service

Be as specific as possible with your product or service and never get lost in generalisation. It is common that in the events industry suppliers often offer more than one service or product. If this is the case, focus your marketing on what will be the most profitable to you. This will then be the primary service you are known for and will be the most cost-effective way to gain attention and followers interested in your offering.

If you do offer secondary products or services, try to focus on your primary service then re-market your other services once you have contacted the prospect. This method will help reinforce the message that your ‘specialist’ area is this from the outset. When people trust your service, they are more likely to listen about other services and products you offer.


Be specific about who are you looking for as a customer, this could be for example Event Sales Managers at Corporate Event Venues which have either outdoor grounds suitable for team building programmes and/or indoor capacity to facilitate conferences, meetings and dinners for 150 or more delegates. By tailoring your audience like this you can target a very specific market and your budget is spent ensuring key contacts are viewing your information. The more relevant they are to your service, the more likely you will be contacted. Research the various medias available and ask who they target specifically to follow them, if there is a match, you will be confident to invest in advertising your product through that media channel. has been designed with the above factors in mind. For any event service supplier or venue, we niche target corporate event organisers within the UK. The platform has been designed that you can be specific about your ‘cost effective’ geographical reach and be categorised under specific services.

For more information about how can assist in increasing relevant enquiries for your business, simply click here , contact us on 01793 374 430 or send an email request to

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