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Reasons to take the plunge with Event Service Check

Event Service check has been designed for event professionals, by event professionals. Years of experience & planning has led us to develop this platform.


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As a brand new service in the events industry, we get that people might be sceptical.

You might have used a similar service in the past which wasn’t done well or hadn’t been developed properly, signed up and had zero leads? You might have used several and then given up?

If this sounds familiar, we hear you as we’ve been there too, that’s why we’ve spent time, years of effort and a substantial amount of cash into developing a researching a platform that will change the apathy around ‘Event Directories’.

We are here to fill the gap and do the job properly.

Our team here consists of top event professionals with over 60 years’ collaborative experience in the events industry. From organising and styling to booking, management and everything in between, our team have been responsible for small parties, to shows that cost tens of thousands.

The Event Service Check brand is new but it’s owned by Chordiem Ltd, a well-established company that has been serving the events industry for over 20 years. Collectively our team most definitely understand the struggle suppliers go through to get new business.

The knowledge and planning that has gone into this platform has been developed over a period of years not months and we plan to give our suppliers and venues the very best service in targeted lead delivery.

We’ve created something completely transparent that our users can see everything, from how many people have visited the site to, for those who subscribe, tracking for every movement on their showcase page.

Our platform is very ethical too, we focus on the quality of service of the company, not the size or marketing budget they have…. It’s one fee for all with the same layout of page and space to showcase in. For users to find trusted suppliers fast, its been designed to confirm that the suppliers have the correct insurances and focus on health and safety to be allowed on the site.

We know this type of business can work for people who join us…. It’s been proven by the likes of ‘Checkatrade’ and ‘TrustaTrader’ which are now both hugely successful, but of which had to start somewhere. We have positioned as the ‘Checkatrade’ for the event service industry. A place where key organisers can go to find TRUSTED suppliers, fast. They will know that all subscribed suppliers have confirmed criteria to be on the platform, we’re here to make sure we become the most used online event assistant in the UK.

We also have brand guarantees in place to protect your investment with us, so there really isn’t anything to lose from being part of something new.

Wherever you spend your marketing budget it’s a risk, not even google can 100% guarantee you a return, yet it’s the biggest search engine in the world. We all start somewhere! is targeted specifically to event organisers, PA’s and secretaries and with the cost until 31st March 2020 being just £65 per month, it’s an extremely small spend to hit your exact target audience with an extensive marketing campaign online, via email and social platforms.

If you have considered joining us and have any questions about our online event service platform, get in touch as we would love to help you get seen and get booked!

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