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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Event

We're here to help you get the most out of your membership with us. Here are our top tips to help you get the leads coming in. Read more.


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Services and catchment areas

  • Ensure that you select specific services from categories for your product or service as this is what our users will search for. You can select up to 5 categories within your subscription package. If there is a category of service or product you need which does not currently show on the site simply contact us via and make a request to add it.
  • Enter the area / region you wish to cover. The more specific you can be here, the better and the more credible your service will be. You can be searched for by a mileage radius of your business address too, so consider how far you can travel with your service or product whilst still being cost effective against others.

To give an example, if you put that you offer a service on a national basis, but run everything from one office / warehouse in Brighton, you’re not going to be able to show the same value going to Glasgow as someone from the north will be that has a similar service or product, so our advice is to think logically in terms of margin for you and value for our users on the site.

Our users will be searching for a service and then an area in which they need the service. The purpose of them using Event Service Check is for them to find and trust a local supplier to them or the area that they are hosting their event. Your service will stand out amongst a smaller list of suppliers if you state a specific area you work in. Think about the realistic mile radius you wish to work within. This will indeed help you be seen.

An example of this may be that a venue finding agency may work nationally in terms of where they will search for a venue but have one office in Windsor. It’s likely that if someone is searching for a venue finding agency to work with, they may want it to be close to where they are based themselves, so that it is cost effective for any meetings that may need to be held or a group presentation.

Another example may be a company who need a team teambuilding programme for an event in Leeds. Realistically the client will again be looking to be cost effective and type in Team Building as the service and Leeds into the location. They are obviously looking to see who is local to be most cost effective. You may be able to provide the service, but if you are based in Bournemouth there will inevitably be high travel costs and possibly meal and accommodation costs attached too. By using a local company, it will eradicate some of these costs.

So, if by saying you cover nationally in most cases, it may be worth reconsidering and being more niche with area you cover.

It not unreasonable to consider with say 100 miles of your hub to still be competitive in your offering.


  • Score rating is so important for your account as when the short list of companies is shown for service and location a high score rating will jump out to the user. Provide a great service and ask for people to leave a score and review. This does not have to be from business just obtained through but does need to be a bona fide business review from work you have completed for a client. You could use any of your social media recommendations for example.
  • Obtain positive reviews. They can create and support trust, so get lots! If a user is on a search short list page and can see a company with multiple reviews over suppliers that may have just one or two, it’s more likely they will contact the supplier with multiple reviews first, giving you the advantage to close the deal. Keep doing a great job and you will keep receiving amazing reviews. Its so easy to leave them on our site too and we don’t ask for any detailed information, nor do we contact them. A client can have a review completed in a couple of minutes.


  • Use clear pictures and interesting videos. A picture can speak a thousand words about your service and quality will be evident. Match your brand with pictures. If using video, make sure they look professional and again mirror your brand. Generally, these days people want to view quickly and get excited from what they see right from the first click. Once hooked into your pictures and / or video, they will want to read or listen about your services.
  • Use clear precise and descriptive text as modern habits mean that people read less, especially on a screen. It’s most important to wow the user with showing what you can do with enough of a hook to ensure they won’t move on without contacting you for more information. At this point it is ideal to send a further explanation of your service and ask for anything specific that they may want more information about.


  • Ensure that your website link takes them to the most relevant page for what they are asking for. If they click on this link because they want a specific service, but whenthey get to the website they are sent to a general home page they may lose interest, so make sure you input the most relevant URL address to support the good work through Event
  • Make sure your company address is clear. People like to know where you are and know that you physically exist.
  • Give them multiple ways to get in touch as we all have different preferences. Some like to talk, email or connect via social media and some prefer to research further through your own website. Make sure you cover all ways for the users to contact you. Ensure these channels are easily accessible for you and your team too, so that you do not miss any new enquiries.

Enquiry stage and beyond

  • React fast when you receive any new enquiry as the user has confirmed that they are interested in your services. They feel that you are match for them, so this is the crucial part. If you come back to them quickly they will remember it. Even if you need further information to quote or do not have time to act upon the full proposal straight away, contact them and thank them for the enquiry. Ask all the questions you need answered to be able to give an accurate and quote and let them know when they can expect to receive it.
  • Follow up! Nurture and develop that trust for the client to buy your service or product. Make sure you have a system in place so no leads slip through the gaps. It is true that you cannot win them all, but the bests survivors are the ones who follow up and nurture an enquiry efficiently and effectively.

Remember we are here for you and our team are highly experienced in running successful events businesses. We’ll happily advise and guide you along the way with best practices and any advice you need, just call us or drop us an email.

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