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How do people buy event services?

We take a look at who buys event services, how and why. It's often not just industry professionals that are working within the events space currently so how do you get discovered?


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Over the past 30 years there has been many changes in how people buy or hire event service suppliers. These changes are believed to be due to the way companies have adapted to the current economic issues.

Gone are the days for most businesses who had a dedicated team, there purely to organise and market events 24/7. We now often see that the company event organisation is left to colleagues such as Directors PAs, Secretaries, General Department Team Members and sometimes Junior Staff.

Organising a corporate event can initially be perceived as a simple task - what on earth could go wrong with a live event?! Over the years, many event organising ‘rookies’ have come to the realisation that this is a skilled trade which needs a depth of knowledge, awesome organisational skills and a large library of resources.

As a result of team members being thrown into the event organising gauntlet, it’s not surprising to hear about a great deal of live event horror stories.

Todays’ company event organiser may also be someone who has other more prioritised duties and of whom lacks the time of the dedicated organiser of years gone by. As it’s not a full time role for them it means that they may not necessarily have the knowledge, skills or resources to organise the event effectively, so will need to rely on advice from other professionals with more experience.

So, you see, right now is the time to be shown as the most professional supplier in your field.

The organisers need to build up a feeling of trust with a potential supplier before they buy, because at the end of the day it’s their face that will be connected to the event internally with their company.

So how do organisers build up trust with suppliers?

The table below shows phase one and some common ways that organisers find enough trust to contact supplier, with pros and cons for each…



They have used a supplier before

They know the standards of the company. This company has delivered for them before.

No searching required.

Quick and Easy to contact them.

There may be even better suppliers out there offering better cost effect solutions, which you do not know about, so may not be getting the best deal for your company.

Complacency, someone who feels they have monopolised a business may not always try as hard to make sure you have the best service for the best deal.

They have been recommended to a supplier by a trusted colleague

Gives you initial peace of mind that they have the standards required of someone you trust already.

Your colleague’s tastes, way of working and requirements may be totally different to yours and what is great for one person, might not make the cut for another.

The supplier features highly in a search engine

It can be quick and easy to see event service suppliers dependent on the key words you entered into the search engines.

You do not really know how good the company is from the list shown.

Google ‘ads’ are based on spend so you will see those with bigger budgets at the top of the list, not necessarily those that are the best.

You still need to check their website to see if they offer the exact service.

Keywords can often be generalised in the google search showing irrelevant results.

They research a supplier’s website and like what they see

Websites can be viewed without obligation to buy. It gives you a first impression of a business and its standards.

All websites are different, so it can be difficult to compare, like for like services.

Websites can often over sell the product of a provider. They will always put their best images for you to see.

The supplier features on a highly trusted directory

The suppliers are vetted for you to ensure that they meet a certain standard.

The page layout for each companies account is designed the same for simple comparison.

They often have reviews and star ratings available for reassurance .

Quicker and more relevant that general search engines.

Niche directory for a specific market.

Suppliers must pay to be on the site, so not every event service supplier will be listed.

Slightly less choice than a search, but offers a pre-qualified choice.

The supplier has great visual reviews

Gives you peace of mind that they have experience in the service you want covered and many people have been pleased with their services before you.

Worth considering that they will never show a bad review if they can help it.

Reviews need really to be verified by a third party to be truly trusted.

Again, what one person sees as the ideal standard for them, may not be the same for you. They rarely show the exact spec and budget they have worked to on reviews.

The second phase of building trust is all about the follow up from the supplier.

  • How fast was their initial response?
  • How relevant was their initial response?
  • How was their response delivered?

The third and final phase of building trust before buying is the listen and nurture phase

  • Do they show understanding of your brief?
  • Do they show understanding of how you like to work?
  • Is it clear that they listened?
  • Is it clear that they have understood?

The suppliers that can focus on all the above with a perfect timed approach and seamless accuracy are the ones that will build a client’s trust quicker. It is known that these days most company purchasing policies are to compare 2 or more suppliers to ensure that they are making a clear decision on:

  • Service match
  • Product match
  • Budget match
  • Return on Investment

It is more important now than ever before, to be seen as a highly trusted supplier, right from the start of an organisers search.

If you would like more information about how can help your business grow new leads and enquiries, check out our website , contact us on01793 374 430 or send an email request to

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