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Your Questions Answered

We focus on quality over size and only showcase the best event suppliers in the UK to thousands of PA's, secretaries, marketers and event planners.


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Event Organisers UK

What is

We are a brand-new online platform that focuses on showcasing trusted event suppliers to 1000’s of PA’s, Secretaries and Event Organisers nationwide. We specialise in high quality approved suppliers who have the relevant insurances and risk assessments to make sure any event runs smoothly.

It’s a platform for suppliers to generate leads and a one stop shop for event planners with added peace of mind that everyone on the site has been approved by us.

Why were we created?

We wanted to create an ethical, transparent online platform, to help raise the quality of event service standards throughout the UK and beyond. Our virtual online event service assistant ensures that the 1000’s of PAs, secretaries and event organisers throughout the UK are able to find trusted, quality suppliers and venues fast.

For suppliers it’s an even playing field, the focus is on quality and reputation not size or spend. That’s why the membership cost is the same for everyone. We don’t have pricing tiers or any advertising.

What do you mean by ‘Trusted Suppliers’?

We have a strong focus on quality of service and product over size of company and budget. All suppliers who join us must confirm that they have the necessary public liability insurances in place, can produce relevant risk assessments and will respond to enquiries within 24 hours.

This ensures event organisers can get a schedule of costs together fast and have total peace of mind with every booking.

Who uses

Our site is for anyone who organises corporate events, parties, weddings, outdoor events and more. From venues and PA hire to performers, bands and décor. We have everything you need.

When you use Event Service Check to book a supplier, you can build your own VIP membership area for free and collate lists of your favourite suppliers so you can easily refer to them or book them again.

We market to 1000’s of event organisers, PA's and secretaries throughout the UK.

Why should I join?

Event Service Check is tipped to be the most used online event service assistant in the UK. If you have a service or product for the corporate or public events industry and want to be seen alongside the very best suppliers and venues in the UK, then you should definitely join us.

It’s a small investment with big impact plus you get the added security of our brand promise.

Is there a Free Trial?

Event Service Check has been designed to use the benefit of collaborative marketing spend to ensure that we effectively reach all the key people nationwide who would use event service providers. Realistically we cannot reach these people effectively by offering free trials. Our subscription is positioned at a level that we can use to proactively market strongly and nationally through various medias to make a biggest difference possible to you. Something that we believe other platforms before us haven't done well enough. Remember we are also the most transparent platform out there and we do offer the brand guarantee that if you see no analytics in your account within the 12 months, we offer you your next complete year for free.

How do I know if is ideal for my service or product?

If you offer high quality professional services to the corporate or public event industry, then this platform is for you. All you need to do is meet our joining requirements by having the relevant insurances and risk assessments plus able to respond to enquiries within 24 hours.

How does it differ from other online platforms?

Our joining fee reflects the value you’ll see by coming on board, meaning you get to benefit from big budget marketing for a low investment. We can then get your service directly in front of your audience, make your investment go further and generate those all-important enquiries.

Your profile won’t just be a ‘listing on a website’ we have a full targeted marketing campaign with a large budget plus you can manage your own profile and see all your enquiry and profile hits in real time.

Best of all you deal with bookers direct, no commissions are taken so the price you charge is the price they pay!

We will be driving relevant contacts and leads to your page 24/7. We make your investment generate a big impact and we’re here to grow and flourish with you.

How can I measure my Return on Investment?

Our platform has been designed to ensure we are totally transparent and you as the supplier have full control and visibility over your listing.

Your page statistics are fully tracked in your personal account area showing you the activity on your page. You’ll be able to see how many times you’ve been contacted via the platform and by what method. You can track this for the time span of your choice too, last 7 days, 14 days, month, years on so on.

How do I stand out on the site?

As we are an ethical company, there are no ‘bigger and better’ profile templates, everyone has the same which makes it much simpler for event planners to navigate as they get used to the layout and where to find the information they need.

So by far the best way to stand out is with great content, pictures, video and most importantly reviews! We have designed a brilliant review platform which bookers can freely fill in or you can send them a link to review you once you’ve completed a booking. These take seconds to fill in and your client scores you out of 10 and leaves some further detail. This is then shown on your page on the site.

Also when you register and create your page, you will be asked your supply area, this is so when a user selects the services they require they can also enter a location which then shortlists relevant suppliers.

How do suppliers communicate with users?

To protect the user’s privacy and so that it doesn’t become a ‘pitch fest’ you will only be able to contact a user once they contact you. This will mean that they are much better qualified and therefore more likely to make a booking. From this point you then liaise with them directly.

Do you offer any guarantees?

We will be working hard to send new enquiries your way and our brand guarantee states that if you see no statistics in your analytical tracking within the first 12 months you will receive the next year for free.

How can I pay?

You are required pay upon registration but have the option of one-off payment which also gives you 2 months free. Alternatively, you can choose to pay via 12 smaller monthly instalments if that suits you better.

Are there any hidden costs or commissions?

None at all. We are an ethical platform with a one-time annual subscription and nothing more to pay.

What’s the minimum term?

12 months is the minimum term of subscription.

Can I cancel my subscription?

We are sure you won’t want to, but yes, of course. If it’s not worked for you, simply give at least 30 days’ notice before your 12 months contract closes and you can leave at the end of your 12-month term.

Is there a business referral scheme?

Yes. If you refer a supplier who then joins us, we give you a free months subscription the following year. So if you have 12 contacts who all sign up, you’ll receive your next year for free! You must be a current member yourself to benefit from this referral incentive.

How do I join?

Simply click on the link here and be taken to our Become a Supplier Registration Page

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