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10 reasons why team building events are essential

Have you ever really thought about why Team Building Events are so important to your company? If not, here are 10 reasons why.


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Team Building Events

10 reasons why team building events are essential

Have you ever really thought about why Team Building Events are so important to your company?

If not, here are 10 reasons to why Team Building is so essential to aid the internal growth in business.


Staff turnover is higher than event these days with staff moving through departments or to pastures new. By offering regular Team Building events full of objectives to overcome as a team the quicker new members of staff will be accepted and thus making your new team more productive.

Learn and develop

Team build can be tailored to be specific to your company needs to help people learn about your products, your way of doing things, the standards you want your team to achieve.


Opportunities arise constantly within growing companies. A great way to test candidates you may be considering for promotion or transfer is to see how they react under different scenarios. Team Building events can offer a variety of tests, often without the participants even knowing. These tests include leadership skills, team work, communication, relationship and negotiation to name but a few. Usually if you have a particular skill you want to assess and challenge is available to match or can be created accordingly.

Turn up your message

Any investment into the workforce is a huge message. Any event is the volume button of your company’s message. The volume of that message will be dependent on the investment made into such an event.


Project teams work hard to get the results the company wants and a great team incentive event is the perfect way to reward the team involved. Try to look at things they would not generally be able to do or may never have done before. This then makes it a totally unique experience which they won’t forget and will talk about in the work place. This talk will make other teams more competitive to win next time round and you benefit by all teams giving 110% commitment.


Not all team building events have to be about internal staff. It can also be a great way for your team to get to know their customer base better. By inviting existing and new clients to such an event and dividing them up in teams with your internal team you will be giving an exclusive amount of time for your team to talk, build rapport and trust with the client. It is likely that the client will also feel indebted by the invitation making it more likely than not to remain loyal to your company on a long term basis.

Help understanding

A great team activity can ensure that people learn more about their direct colleagues within the team and make the team be more understanding of one another, thus working in harmony not in battles.

Add to a company culture programme

Most of the successful growing companies of the world today have a great focus on the company culture. An understanding that it’s about the involvement, the suggestions and the commitment of their team that makes the company move forward much quicker. Team Building helps identify key skill areas within individuals which you may never have seen elsewhere. You can then leverage these skills by creating focus groups who can meet monthly and discuss certain topics of importance to the company, to then allow an open table where everyone is equal and every suggestions is considered discussed and noted. An example of fantastic company culture is US Software Company Infusionsoft, who has made themselves one of the USA’s fastest growing companies and has been voted as one of the country’s best places to work.

Position the company

Think of positioning as what other people think of you and say about you when you are not there. With this in mind if you are a proactive business with a great company culture programme, you are going to be noticed in the market place in a better light than those that haven’t. You get the impression that Sir Richard Branson has his various Virgin companies doing all sorts of team activity days as he portrays team work and extreme activities himself.

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