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Today's business demands leave you less time to focus on the important jobs so is here to find you the UK’s finest suppliers in seconds.

Choose your service and location and we'll generate you a list of trusted suppliers with a proven track record of outstanding event work.

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Why Choose Event Service Check

Here is where you will find the very best event service suppliers all in one place, quickly. We can cater for all your event requirements promising quality, reliability and a strong focus on event safety.

No bias or pop ups

Event Service Check has created an impartial, even playing field for all our suppliers allowing you to choose the perfect service for you.

No hassle

Unlike other sites our suppliers never contact you unless you contact them. You’re in control!

No cowboys

All suppliers have confirmed insurances, risk assessments and will provide a 24 hour turnaround time on your enquiry.


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We only market to event industry professionals.

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One price and format for all suppliers.

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Add and update your photos and videos for maximum exposure.

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